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3 Ways to Help Girls Build Healthy Friendships

Steph Jensen - Boys Town National Training

Friendships become the center of a girl’s world during her school age years.  Friendships between girls can be wonderful or woeful, passionate or painful, fierce or fearsome, uplifting or upending.   The success a girl experiences with her friendships can define her childhood.


Here are 3 tips to help girls build healthy, positive friendships:



Working with girls and dealing with the “drama” can be challenging, but with the right tools it can be incredibly rewarding.   There will be times when girls are sugar and spice and everything nice and others times when they are smart, tart and falling apart. Keep these tips in mind to help girls build lasting, healthy relationships.

assertive and honest.  When girls are in unhealthy friendships their communication style is oftentimes passive-aggressive.  Help girls identify passive aggressive communication that they may use or see in others and teach them alternative responses.  Healthy, honest communication builds others up and reinforces mutual respect.  Relationships do not last without open and honest communication.  Remember, this includes on-line and virtual communication.  Be intentional in talking with girls about their communication through social media and other virtual platforms where they communicate.  Words are powerful whether spoken or typed; if you wouldn’t say it, don’t text it is a good rule of thumb.

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