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8 Tips for Maintaining Your Image on Social Media

Sherry Hayes-Pierce - Guest Blogger

When you see a post from someone that makes you think, What were they thinking?, it’s probably because they broke the cardinal rules of social media posting: #KHN or #TMI! Let’s start with #KHN. Before you post ask yourself: is this Kind, Helpful or Necessary? If not, do not post it! I know many of you are thinking, Most of my posts are simply about the days and nights of my life. So how is that Kind, Helpful or Necessary? The main point to remember here is to make sure that what you are posting is not hurting yourself or others.

Posting aspects of your personal life brings me to the second golden rule: Avoid #TMI – Too Much Information!  Simply put, TMI is oversharing information that results in people seeing you in a negative light. To make sure your social credibility is in good standing, here are eight things you can do to guard against #TMI and boost your social cred!

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