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Alternative Consequences

     Courtney Dealy -  Boys Town National Training

Consequences. While the word ‘consequences’ may conjure up memories of recesses spent isolated indoors, or of copying lines from a book, in all actuality, ‘consequence’ merely means the outcome of a prior event.


So…what does that mean and how does it apply to the classroom?


Consequences are both positive and negative- they are outcomes.


We use positive and negative consequences to help students learn that all choices have an outcome. Their behavior determines whether the result will be more or less desirable.


It’s important to have a bank of both positive and negative consequences. (See possible consequences here). Having pre-determined consequences helps to provide a safe and predictable environment. Students will know what to expect in response to their positive and negative behavioral choices. It provides consistency, enhances predictability, builds trust, and creates a positive student/teacher relationship.



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