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Collaborating with the Community

     Alesia Montgomery -  Boys Town National Training

We know that strong communities create strong schools ---and strong schools create strong communities.


Collaboration between a local community and its surrounding school communities offers hope when struggling to address issues such as unemployment and poverty. Aligning families, schools, and communities behind a common goal is vital in addressing and overcoming these hurdles.


This is where effective community models and strategies play an important role in aligning communities and strengthening collaboration. One model is Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), which is a model designed to strengthen communities by helping people learn to identify, manage, and leverage local resources to the benefit of their locality1.


Leveraging local resources involves building social ties or capital with local banks, businesses, churches, and organizations.  It becomes mutually beneficial when schools and local community organizations collaborate.  The ABCD Model addresses community concerns with the goal of building stronger communities.


Let’s review three strategies to promote collaboration between families, communities and schools:



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