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Administrative Intervention


“Boys Town Administrative Intervention makes a referral an opportunity for learning and not just punishment.”

-Courtney Frazier, Assistant Principal

You will walk away from this 90-minute learning opportunity with strategies to Implement a consistent referral process to:

  • de-escalate students
  • teach students positive replacement behaviors
  • facilitate a smooth transition back to the classroom.


These strategies will help decrease future referrals for your “frequent fliers.”

To aid your implementation efforts you will receive:

  • 5 strategies to share with teachers to help manage behavior prior to a referral
  • A checklist to help you manage the referral process
  • A sample behavioral contract to use with “frequent fliers.”


  • $39 per person
  • On-demand access for 6 months, allowing you to watch on your schedule and review concepts as needed.
  • Receive confirmation of their participation, which may be used for purposes of CEU certification where applicable.


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