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The ABC's of Test-Taking

Tests – standardized, objective, subjective, essay, multiple choice, true/false, and short answer, or any other variation – are a source of great frustration and tension for many students.

Studies show that test anxiety can undermine student performance, regardless of age or grade level. In a class of 25, it’s estimated that at least five students will perform below expectations due to stress and anxiety.

Perfectionists and worriers are more likely overwhelmed by nerves, but any student is vulnerable to “test stress.” For some students, doing all the "normal" things to prepare for an exam isn’t always enough and doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good score.

Help students to answer objective and subjective test questions, take standardized tests, and, perhaps most importantly, manage their stress with these ABC's of test-taking...

Arrive early.

  • 10-15 minutes
  • too soon, you may get bored, tired, or overly anxious
  • too late, you may feel rushed and waste valuable energy to stress and worry

Be prepared.
  • What materials are required?
  • If you are allowed the use of a calculator, but didn't bring one, you have given the other test takers an advantage over you

Change an answer only if you're 100% certain it is incorrect.

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